Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Yankees are very specific in their personnel odds

Anthony McCarren of the New York Daily News said a Yankees official gave odds of 55-45 against if Honest Andy doesn't learn some frickin' humility and take the $10 million.

All those guys they wouldn't trade for Santana have to earn a shot sometime, right?

It's been broken down like this:
1. Honest Andy wants to pitch in 2009.
2. Honest Andy wants $16 million.
3. The Yankees want Honest Andy to take $10 million.
4. Honest Andy is the Grumpus.
5. Honest Andy's return to the Yankees is somewhere between "doubtful" and "inevitable."
6. Not very helpful, huh?

So if Andy wants to pitch in 2009, but doesn't get what he thinks he should get, will he leave? He's done it before...twice.