Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome, Citizen Ty

Today we welcome Citizen Ty to Astros County!

Ty, from Austin, TX

How long have you been an Astros fan?
Probably about 23 out of 29 years. Didn’t really follow them when I lived in San Antonio, but figured it out after a trip to the Dome with Dad.

What was the biggest signing in team history?
Roger Clemens seemed to carry them to the World Series. If that’s the biggest game on the biggest stage, then him. Unfortunately.

What is your most memorable Astros moment?
Being in attendance of the 14 inning Game 3 of said World Series. I credit this memory directly to The Constable himself pointing out that there was still time to get in on the lottery for tickets. I won. I shoulda taken The Constable. Sorry, Big C. (Ed Note: No problem. I guess).

If the Astros get rid of (insert player here), I'll burn all my Astros stuff:
Lance “The Franchise” Berkman.

Who is your favorite all-time Astro?
Hard to top Glen Davis. I used to love that guy. Collected maybe 35-40 baseball cards of his. They’re probably still around. Somewhere.

How many games will the '09 Astros win?
83. Of which 36 will come in the last 40 games. Why do they do that?

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