Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome, Citizen Michael

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Today we welcome the 2nd official citizen of Astros County...

Citizen: Michael, Houston resident since 1980

How long have you been an Astro fan? Since 1980

Who is your favorite all-time Astro? Nolan Ryan

What is the most memorable game in Astros history? Two games are memorable - Mike Scott's no hitter and the extra inning playoff game with the Mets in which Billy Hatcher hit the home run.

Who is the heart of the current Astro team? Berkman & Oswalt are the hearts of the club.

Who is the key for 2009?
A key for 2009 is Mike Hampton. If he flames out, the Astros are toast. If he starts 25-30 games, it could be an interesting year.