Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Might Miguel Tejada go back on his word?

(That's the kind of sensationalist headline writing, with no real tie to the story, that pisses me off. Happy New Year's Eve.) is reporting that Miguel Tejada might decide to play in the Dominican Winter League, after all.

Just over a month after saying he would not be playing winter ball for the first time in his career - in order to prepare for the 2009 season - Tejada couldn't stand seeing Aguilas Cibaenas lose on television anymore. So he flew to the Dominican to watch them lose in the dugout. Because that's more personally satisfying.

What do you think? Might, at some point this season, Miggy get upset watching the Orioles lose on television and show up in Toronto in the dugout wearing a suit?

Whatever it takes to get his spring training started early, I'm all for it.

However, I am concerned with the company they keep. I mean, this is one of their cheerleaders...


Aaron said...

She is awesome.

El Mamey said...

I'm Dominican, and Águilas Cibaeñas hardcore fan since 7 years old. I truly don't understand why people wonders when Miggy says he's willing to play for Águilas this winter (once again) after saying many many times he wouldn't (once again, too).

He plays NOT for the money. I'm sure we all agree that the payment we give him is nothing compared to whatever he earns playing for the Astros or any MLB team.

Miggy is a complicated man, but he's also very simple when it comes to this sport. He plays for the pleasure and for the fans in his native Dominican Republic. He's so lucky to be a very healthy, strong man that does play many many games without injuries or sickness, and so, he enjoys being on the field.

I guess this won't sound very professional, but I'm sure he cannot feel the same "love" for playing on the MLB than playing here in the DR. It's not the same, and I hope this won't sound disrespecting to you (God forbids). I envy all the technology and commodities you have in any MLB baseball field, but you should envy how passionate the Dominican baseball fan is about his/her team and players.

Miggy is a hero in my country, and is very respected by all teams and all players. And most important, he's a leader, a motivator... the Águilas are down 0-3 in the post-season, but just by suggesting he's going to play for us, the whole team changes to better. That's something be cannot pay in any way.

Believe me, for the normal baseball fan in DR, it's magic paying less than 10 dollars to see Miguel Tejada (among other MLB stars) playing so hard for a team. That's why we adore him. He never missed a season since 1995 playing for the Äguilas, even during his streak of consecutive games in MLB, he always played for us too.

The Águilas fans are more than grateful for him. The season he decides (and stay!) off the team, we would not condem him ever. He already gained a place in the All-Time glories in my country, in my team, in the history, in my heart.

...hmmm... I speak too much... I better stop now... sorry!!

PS: I know that cheerleader... as well as the rest of them... That picture of Ivonne is famous... ;)

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