Sunday, December 14, 2008

Everybody? Welcome Citizen Aaron

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Citizen: Aaron
Hometown: Forney, TX

How long have you been an Astros fan?
Roughly 19 years. In 1st grade, only having lived in the Houston area a few months, I got my first Glenn Davis baseball card and haven't looked back. I think I went to my first game in the Dome in 1990. I can still taste the Dome Dogs. For a few years (moving there from Dallas) I clung to a small liking of the Rangers (Who doesn't love Nolan Ryan), but with the maturation of the Killer B's, I grew up too.

Who is your favorite Astro of all-time? Craig Biggio (The Big Puma is a very close second)

Who is the heart of the current team? The Big Puma

What's the most memorable Astros game for you? Unfortunately, 2005 Game 5 in the NLCS. Such a roller-coaster of emotions. Fortunately, my second most memorable game is Game 6.

Who is the key for 2009? This is a tough one. Maybe Easy-Eddie? Something's gotta happen.

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