Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easy Eddie feels great about 2009! Well, kind of.

"I think we’re OK."

I can't wait to do battle with the Cubs and Cardinals, even the Pirates with an okay team. How about you?

And I'm fascinated by Baseball Guy lingo. Regard this quote about Palmisano:
“We think he has a legitimate chance to come in and compete for that slot alongside Quintero in the catching ranks,” Wade said of Palmisano. “He had a meniscus tear in spring training. Rather than remove the piece, they sutured it back, which is a longer rehab. He missed more time, but he’s 100 percent at this point.

“He can catch and throw, puts good fingers down, makes good contact. Bobby (Heck, the assistant GM and scouting director) says he’s a hard-nosed kid, so we’ll give him a chance and see where it goes.”

Does that mean "he calls a good game?" Regardless, encouraging words about the catching pick-up. And in an environment where solid backup catchers make good trade-bait, I don't see a downside to adding Palmisano. I still think Quintero will be the Astros opening-day catcher.