Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assessing the Astros' Pitching Rankings

A couple of days ago we looked at the Astros' Offensive (and they truly were) Rankings. Today we examine the pitching staff...

ERA: 4.36 - 16th in the Majors, 8th in the NL, but 4th in the NL Central
Hits allowed: 1453 - 13th, 9th in the NL
ER: 691 allowed - 15th, 7th in the NL
Runs allowed: 743 - 14th, 8th in the NL
Walks: 492 - 8th-best, 2nd in the NL
Strikeouts: 1095 - 15th, 9th in the NL
BAA: .264 - 17th, 11th in the NL
WHIP: 1.36 - 14th, 6th

Interesting. So they didn't really walk that many guys, but sure did give up some hits...
Let's continue, and remember these are against.

OBP: .328 - 13th, 5th
SLG: .440 - 27th, 14th
OPS: .768 - 22nd, 12th
Blown Saves: 17 - 6th, 2nd (only Philadelphia blew fewer saves, and they were all by relievers not named Brad Lidge)
Home Runs allowed: 197 - 29th, 15th (Only Cincinnati gave up more dingers)
Stolen Bases allowed: 47 - 1st, 1st
K:BB: 2.23:1 - 9th, 4th
Pitches Per Plate Appearance: 3.76 - 5th, 3rd

So the pitching was middle of the road. Control was pretty good - they didn't throw too many balls, however, that also led to batters teeing off on pitches, because the Astros were throwing mostly strikes, and also hitting the ball FAR (look at that SLG).

Soon we'll see how it broke down with the starters vs. bullpen.