2018 Draft

Houston's Bonus Pool Allotment: $5,492,900
Total Pool Used: $3,456,500
Total Pool Remaining: $2,036,400
Total Pool Remaining Without Losing A Pick: $2,311,594
Total Bonus +/- Slot Value: -$279,000

Note: Any bonus over $125,000 for players selected in Rounds 11-40 will count against the team's bonus pool

Last Updated: June 18, 2018 - 8:51pm CT

Big tip o' the cap to ItsDTrain

PickPick ValuePlayerLatest NewsSigned For+/- Value
1-28$2,399,400Seth Beer6/13: Signed$2,250,000-$149,400
2-66$965,300Jayson Schroeder6/6: Won't decide until after 6/18$
3-102$549,700Jeremy Pena6/13: Signed$535,000-$14,700
4-132$410,400Alex McKenna6/8: Sounds like he'll sign$
5-162$306,100Cody Deason6/13: Signed$285,000-$21,100
6-192$237,600R.J. Freure6/5: Sounds like he'll sign$
7-222$187,000Cesar Salazar6/8: Signed$160,000-$27,000
8-252$156,500Austin Hansen6/12: Signed$156,500-
9-282$144,100Scott Schreiber6/5: Yeah, he's signing$
10-312$136,800Chandler Taylor6/8: Signed$70,000-$66,800
Brett Conine
Mark Moclair6/13: Signed$
13-402Shawn Dubin6/8: Signing$
J.P. FranceCollege Senior$
Trey Dawson6/8: Will "probably" sign$
16-492Alex Holderbach6/12: Signed$
17-522Brett DanielsCollege Senior$
18-552Michael Wielansky6/12: Signed$
19-582Devin Conn
20-612Austin Dennis6/12: Signed$
21-642Dalton Roach6/6: Looks like he'll sign$
22-672Marty Costes6/13: Signed$
23-702Jonathan Bermudez6/11: Reached agreement$
24-732Michael Figueroa6/6: "Dream come true"$
25-762Logan Mattix6/12: Signed$
26-792David Hensley6/13: Signed$
27-822Juan Paulino6/13: Signed$
28-852Joseph Gonzalez6/11: Looks like he's signing$
29-882Lyle Lin6/6: Depends on the offer$
30-912Layne Henderson6/13: Signed$
31-942Riley Cabral
32-972Jacob Billingsley
33-1002J.C. Correa
34-1032Benjamin Gross6/7: Signing$
35-1062A.J. Bregman
36-1092Cole Ayers6/9: Going to Kentucky$
37-1122Antonio Cruz6/6: Will go to Rice$
38-1152Cole Stillwell6/6: Needs to be impressed$
39-1182Brandon Birdsell6/6: Will go to A&M$
40-1212Nathan Duarte


Anonymous said...

Sadly for Titan fans, Conine is not in the CWS.....Fullerton lost a wild Super Regional with Washington in which they battled back from a two run deficit to take a ninth inning lead in Game 3, but could not hold the lead....and lost another lead in the next inning to a Husky walkoff. Conine was on the mound and blew both leads, the first mostly due to hits with eyes and the walkoff due to a total team defensive breakdown, including his own throwing error. Although he was Fullerton’s closer, he was asked to pitch almost six innings across two days....so even when he signs, he’ll probably get some time off before starting short season ball.

D.P.S. said...

What are the updated totals. I hope we have enough to sign Schroeder.