7/31/15 running post

3:06pm: The 49-53 Padres, who are 7.5 GB in the NL West and 7.5 GB of the 2nd Wild Card spot and are 49-53, didn't do anything because GM A.J. Preller, whose farm system he blew up to put together a 49-53 team, thinks the 49-53 Padres can make the postseason.

3:05pm: And there goes Tags, confirming the Astros didn't make a deal

3:04pm: Confirmed by Evan Drellich - the Astros did not make a deadline deal.

3:02pm: The Padres made "a small deal"

3:01pm: There is no deal between the Cubs and Padres

3:00pm: Nothing announced...yet

2:46pm: Astros/Kimbrel trade "ship has sailed"

2:42pm: Richard Justice says the Astros have "a couple of trade offers on the table"

2:28pm: The Yankees were apparently finally willing to include SS prospect Mateo in a deal for Kimbrel, but they never heard back, and now assume there's a deal elsewhere. (see 9:34am update)

2:22pm: The Astros will activate Mike Fiers prior to tomorrow's game...unless he gets traded in the next 38 minutes

2:14pm: Cubs are down to a smaller deal for a reliever

2:13pm: The Padres have engaged with six (6) teams today who want Craig Kimbrel

1:56pm: And the D'Backs are out of the Chapman bidding

1:47pm: Jim Bowden apparently just said on MLB Radio that he's "hearing" there could be a deal for Kimbrel involving Mark Appel

1:44pm: Padres and Cubs are "primarily dealing with each other" and may not need that 3rd team to pull of Kimbrel/Ross deal

1:09pm: Rosenthal confirms Heyman's report that the Astros are discussing Chapman with the Reds

1:07pm: The Angels are talking to the Tigers about Cespedes

12:48pm: Aroldis Chapman is the Astros' "main target"

12:46pm: Heyman again iterating that "Astros ownership is said to want Chapman," Kimbrel is a back-up plan.

12:34pm: An official from one of the teams says a deal is unlikely

12:11pm: Cubs/Red Sox/Padres have discussed a three-team trade

12:08pm: This guy says he's hearing Kimbrel to the Cubs

11:48am: Padres talking to Astros, Red Sox, Cubs and "probably everyone else" in the least helpful tweet of all time

11:42am: The Padres are trying to attach 2B Jedd Gyorko and his $33m contract to any possible deal

11:42am: Bud Norris was DFA'd by the Orioles to make room for Gerardo Parra

11:32am: The Padres and Yankees haven't talked "this workday" - whatever that means

11:32am: Talks between the Padres and Yankees broke down yesterday, hence the Yankees' interest in Carter Capps

11:23am: Subtle difference in wording as Heyman reports "Houston ownership" is interested in Chapman or Kimbrel.

11:20am: Yankees are in "hottest pursuit" of Kimbrel.

11:00am: Singleton optioned to Fresno to make room for Carlos Gomez

10:38am: Drellich says the Astros are getting Chase Headley'd - made to seem like they have the most interest when they don't exactly have the most interest.

10:30-ish: Gammons apparently said something about a deal with San Diego taking a top-flight prospect like Alex Bregman. Okay, but Alex Bregman can't be traded until after the World Series, per the Trea Turner rule.

10:27am: Possible three-way trade shaping up between Red Sox/Padres/Cubs

9:57am: Asking price for Chapman just got too high for the D'Backs - they're out.

9:54am: Yankees "not likely" for Chapman

9:54am: Astros "a possibility" for landing Aroldis Chapman

9:51am: The Reds now have strong offers for Chapman, and Arizona is considered a long-shot

9:34am: The Yankees seem "queasy" about giving up their top SS prospect for Kimbrel.

9:32am: Yes, the Padres and Astros have talked, but the Padres want a Shortstop and if you say Carlos Correa I will literally bite you on the nose

9:22am: The Yankees have either moved on from Kimbrel/Chapman or are trying to bluff AJ Preller, but they have contacted the Marlins about Carter Capps.

9:17am: Red Sox might be in on Kimbrel

8:52am: Luhnow apparently said on Sports Radio 610 that Keuchel, Altuve, Correa, and Springer were untouchable, and McCullers would be a tough call.

8:50am: The Yankees are waiting on San Diego regarding Kimbrel, but may turn to Miami for Carter Capps, instead.

8:40am: Yankees actively trying to get Aroldis Chapman or Craig Kimbrel.

8:36am: The Astros have interest in Rays relievers Boxberger, McGee, and (Carly Rae) Jepsen

8:27am: The Padres want to solve their long-term shortstop problem with any trades today. The Yankees and Cubs may line up better.

8:24am: The Astros and Padres are talking about Kimbrel, which could expand to include Tyson Ross. As with all trades, it comes down to money and prospects...which is the dumbest, most obvious thing anyone has ever said.

8:23am: The Cubs really like Tyson Ross

8:10am: The Red Sox really like Tyson Ross

8:04am: The Padres want to cut payroll, and are having a hard time moving Upton, Shields, and Kemp, which could impact Kimbrel.

7:25am: The Cubs and Padres are talking Tyson Ross, Padres and Astros talking Kimbrel.

4:40am: A rival exec tells Buster Olney that Houston is the best team in the AL West.

1:52am: Astros pushing hard to improve bullpen, have talked with Rays, Reds, and Padres

1:27am: The Padres need a shortstop and a center fielder

12:34am: Astros and Padres working on "something big," could involve Tyson Ross and Craig Kimbrel.