2017 Draft

Houston's Bonus Pool Allotment: $9,039,600
Total Pool Used: $1,722,300
Total Pool Remaining: $7,317,300
Total Pool Remaining Without Losing A Pick: $7,769,280
Total Bonus +/- Slot Value: -$85,500

Note: Any bonus over $125,000 for players selected in Rounds 11-40 will count against the team's bonus pool

Signing Deadline: July 7

Last Updated: June 22, 2017 - 11:54am CT

Big hat/tip to @ItsDTrain 

PickPick ValuePlayerLatest NewsSigned For+/- Value
1-15$3,588,200J.B. Bukauskas
2-53$1,265,500Joe Perez6/21: Has a deal in place$
2-56$1,178,600Corbin MartinNo longer in CWS$
CB-75$767,400JJ Matijevic6/15: Signed$700,000-$67,400
3-91$597,800Tyler Ivey6/22: Signed$
4-121$437,400Peter Solomon6/17: Signed$437,400$0
5-151$326,600Nate Perry6/22: Signed$
6-181$249,600Jake Adams6/14: Signed$249,600$0
7-211$195,300Parker Mushinski6/16: Signed$195,300$0
8-241$158,100Corey Julks6/15: Signed$140,000-$18,100
9-271$141,600Mike PapierskiIn CWS$
10-301$133,500Kyle Serrano6/14: Won't sign for <$300K$
11-331Brandon Bielak6/14: Looks like he'll sign$
12-361Jonathan Lacroix6/14: Likely signed

13-391Jacob Myers6/21: Will sign
14-421Carlos Diaz
15-451Kyle Davis6/21: Will sign
Adrian Tolivan6/22: Assigned to Greeneville
17-511Matt Ruppenthal6/17: Signed
Tim Hardy6/19: Signed
Roman Garcia6/22: Assigned to Greeneville
20-601Hunter Martin6/19: Signed
21-631Chas McCormick6/22: Assigned to Greeneville
Patrick Mathis6/15: Signed
Brett Bond6/18: Returning to school
Alex House6/14: Will sign
25-751Marty Costes
26-781Josh Rojas6/15: Will sign
27-811Adam Bleday6/14: Will sign
28-841Richard Slenker6/17: Signed
29-871Andres Santana
30-901Cody Bohanek6/22: Assigned to Greeneville
31-931Cole Watts
32-961Martin Figueroa6/20: Signed
33-991Reid Russell6/20: Twitter bio says "Astros"
Noel Pinto6/15: Coach thinks he'll sign
35-1051Trei Cruz6/14: Likely off to Rice
36-1081Josh Breaux
37-1101Matthew Merrill
38-1131Trey Cumbie6/14: Will return to UH
39-1161Colton Shaver6/22: Assigned to Greeneville
40-1191Chase Farrell

Undrafted Free Agent signings

Austin Kerns


Anonymous said...

Crawfish boxes says Matijevic has signed

Anonymous said...

Burnt Orange Nation is saying that Patrick Mathis is signing with the Astros.

Anonymous said...

Also note that Martin and Papierski are involved in the CWS and contract discussions will not begin until they are done.

Anonymous said...

Brian McTaggart‏Verified account @brianmctaggart

Astros and 4th-rd. pick Peter Solomon, a RHP from Notre Dame, have reached deal for slot ($437,400). He's going to Tri-City.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating this. I end up checking a couple if times a day.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there have been any negotiations with Bukauskas?

Anonymous said...

Picks 3,5,15,24,27 & 33 have signed per Brian McTaggert.

Anonymous said...

Picks 6,8,13,15,20,24,26 & 33 have been assigned to Tri-City.

Anonymous said...

JJ Matijevic signed for 700 thousand.

Kenneth Meadows said...

34th pick Noel Pinto is on the Greenville roster

Anonymous said...

Jim Callis‏Verified account @jimcallisMLB · 4th-rder Peter Solomon signs w/@Astros, $420k (pick 121=$437,400).