2013 Predictions

A list of predictions as we head into 2013 (but not just saying "5th place!"):

Astros will avoid 100 losses - Cliff Corcoran
Astros will not be the worst team in the AL - Mike Axisa
Chris Carter hits 40 HRs - Nathaniel Stoltz/Beyond the Box Score
Three wins in April: Unnamed Scout who is friends with Danny Knobler

67-95: Team Rankings
62-100: Will Leitch
59.5 wins: Bovada
58-104: Tim Brown
57-105: ZIPS/Dan Szymborski

56-106: Mike Oz
55-107: Jeff Passan
50-112: Dave Brown

48-114: Joe Votruba
45-117: Ken Rosenthal
44-118: Bleacher Report's Robert Knapel
40 wins: Unnamed scout who is friends with Danny Knobler. 


Figgy Smitty said...

Prediction- Jose Altuve is top 10 in National League in hitting.

Figgy Smitty said...

American League* Got to get used to saying that..

J.J. Hayes said...

I'm right between Dave Brown and Joe Votruba: 49-113 after fifty games. Is Bo Porter really the guy?