Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Morning Link Dump

*Here's an interesting report from Evan Drellich on redrafting Brady Aiken or Jacob Nix in 2015, and that the Astros won't lose their top two draft picks next year.

*The Rangers don't have any questions regarding Delino DeShields' work ethic. Neither did the Astros.

*Trey Hillman is excited.

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TSEknows said...

MLB really needs to look at the system they have in place for the draft. There are so many flaws that beg for some unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the system. What's to prevent a couple of kids from doing gaming the system in the future? So Nix gets his original bonus offered from the Astros, gets to go to junior college and pitch, gets a portion of a free college education, and then gets to re-enter the draft, get drafted again, probably in the first three rounds, and get a second bonus, possibly greater than the first? And we're supposed to feel sorry for him for getting screwed? Sure, he and Aiken may have been innocent casualties of the system this time, but what's to prevent a couple of high school buddies in the future who are in a similar situation from gaming the system (with the assistance of some greedy, dishonest adults who hop on their gravy train)? Why can't someone like Aiken agree to a smaller bonus if drafted by a team so that his buddy who is being drafted in a later round can earn a higher bonus than his actual draft spot would earn, and then after being drafted demand the original slot bonus for his spot, thereby preventing his buddy from getting his overslot bonus for his spot? The team that agreed to the deal comes off as the bad guy, and has to pay blackmail money to keep draftees from legal action that might forfeit the team draft picks and then the kids get to go to school and re-enter the draft the next year, and get another bundle of money? There are just too many opportunities for greedy, immoral individuals to game the system. It needs to be fixed!