Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Luhnow open to long-term deals with prospects

In the wake of the Madison Bumgarner deal (and referencing the Matt Moore/Evan Longoria deals), Jeff Luhnow is open to giving long-term deals to prospects, a la the Tampa Bay Rays. But there's a caveat:

“It makes sense to lock up young talent and have some cost control, but at the same time, when your entire team is young or a lot of your team is young, it’s difficult to figure out which are the right guys to do that with."

Yeah, so who in the Astros system would you feel comfortable doing that with?


Bobby A said...

Watching the game the other night, I thought to Astros should sign Altuve for something like 8yrs/$10MM.

Blazemule said...

I say no one yet, maybe after this year, see what some of them can do. I am of a fan of locking up players but only right before or during their arbitration years, otherwise you are losing the value of team control.

Christian said...

Altuve would be the safest one to give such a contract to, in my opinion.

The runners up would be Lyles and Martinez, who are at about the same level, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

lol poor wallace

Anonymous said...

Altuve!!! A.k.a pocket Hercules