Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brett Myers' fastball in 2011

So I played around with (the invaluable) Brooks Baseball Brett Myers card, because I'm curious about his velocity in 2011. So let's look.

In April 2011, Myers threw his four-seamer 27% of the time for an average of 89.39mph.
May 2011: 28%, 89.06mph
June 2011: 19%, 89.25mph
July 2011: 25%, 88.95mph
August 2011: 31%, 90.35mph
September 2011: 17%, 89.36mph

How about 2010?
April 2010: 21%, 90.8mph
May 2010: 19%, 90.6mph
June 2010: 19%, 90.7mph
July 2010: 16%, 90.5mph
August 2010: 10%, 89.8mph
September 2010: 17%, 89.3mph

So Myers' fastball averaged over 90mph from April-July 2010, and has only enjoyed one month above 90mph avg (Aug 2011 - where he threw a higher percentage of four-seamers - by far) since July 2010.

This is more of a Public Service Announcement post than anything, other than that it doesn't look like Myers' velocity took a big hit from one month to the next - meaning it's not as though he went from throwing 94mph to throwing 87mph one month to the next. Do with this information what you will.

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Terence said...

If you look at the individual game results, they are differentiating between the 4-seam (FF) and the cutter (FC), but on the player page graph you generated those results from it appears that the numbers are combined. Myers throws the cutter more often and at a higher speed, so this designation might be selling his skills short a bit.

Anecdotelly, Myers ended August 2011 with a 2 inning relief appearance against the Pirates. He came into start the eighth with an 8-1 lead and retired 5 of the next six hitters with 3 strikeouts, no walks, and one single allowed. With 2 outs and a 1-1 count Myers tried to throw a pitch up in the zone and McCutchen promptly hit a home run before Garret Jones popped up to end the game. Maybe a sign of what Myers will look like as a reliever.