Thursday, December 8, 2011

A collection of reactions to Jeff Luhnow's hiring

Here is your recap of reactions to the Astros' hiring of Jeff Luhnow (which will be updated):

Riverfront Times:
If there's anyone in baseball who can turn around the moribund Astros in relatively short order, I trust Luhnow as much as just about anyone to find a way. Make no mistake, this is very bad news for the Cardinals. Under Luhnow's stewardship, the Cards have seen their minor league system go from among the worst in all of baseball to a top seven, maybe even top five system despite never having the chance to draft within the top ten.

Jeff Gordon:
Luhnow will make things better . . . because they can’t possibly get worse in Houston. Whether he can build a juggernaut remains to be seen. Either way, the rebuilding process won’t be dull.

Jon Heyman:
hearing good things about new astros gm jeff luhnow. "eminently qualified," 1 person said. was w/ champion cardinals.

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak:
"I'm glad they're moving to the AL West."


Anonymous said...

Luhnow's a joke. He only got his job with the Cards because he's friends with the owner, and then he managed to alienate anyone with an iota of baseball knowledge. He did ZERO internationally and high draft pick after high draft pick has been a bust. A blind guy has a better chance of leading the 'Stros out of the wilderness than this clown. Good luck, 'Stros fans. Hope the 2020s are better for you.

Reuben said...

"Luhnow's a joke. He only got his job with the Cards because he's friends with the owner, and then he managed to alienate anyone with an iota of baseball knowledge."

Uh huh. And you know this how...?

Anonymous said...

I know this how? From spending about 2 minutes with Google, that's how. (Hell, the Chronicle writers also said as much in their coverage yesterday.)

Reuben said...

OK, that's what I thought. You don't "know" anything other than what you clearly want to believe. For some reason you don't like the cut of Luhnow's jib, so you're going to come in here and make baseless, exaggerated claims about the man as if you witnessed things firsthand? You're clearly not an Astros fan, are you a Cards fan, or what? Either way, please don't waste my time anymore by regurgitating your lame opinions as if they are fact.

Anonymous said...

Reuben - Are you really this dumb or just playing a part? LUHNOW WAS FRIENDS WITH BILL DEWITT JR. This is not a secret, nor is it an "opinion." If you care to spend 2 minutes with Google, you'll see just how Luhnow came to work in MLB. It wasn't on merit; it was because he had a friend who hired him.

Beyond that, Luhnow had been demoted TWICE in the past 2 years. Why the Astros would hire this clown is beyond me. He went from supervising the Cards' scouting and development to supervising NEITHER.

Reuben said...


Last I checked, being friends with someone doesn't necessarily make one unqualified for a particular job. By everything I've read (yes- using google) Luhnow's done a good job in the Cards org, and is well-respected in the industry. It also looks like his high draft picks have done fairly well (ie. Rasmus and Miller). I have read that Jocketty and LaRussa didn't like him, or his more stat-driven evaluative style rubbed them the wrong way.

Will he be the Astros' savior? I have no idea; he might be great, he might just be OK, but I still have no idea what incenses you so much about him that you've twice called him a "clown", or what leads you to believe he is not capable of being a GM.

You also did not answer my question. Are you a Cards fan, or what? Staff? LaRussa's cousin? Did Luhnow run over your dog?