Friday, October 14, 2011

Keith Law, on why the Blue Jays traded Brett Wallace

In today's (Insider-Only) report on the Arizona Fall League, Keith Law talked Anthony Gose, whom the Astros traded to Toronto for Brett Wallace:

When the Jays traded Brett Wallace to Houston for Gose two summers ago, I didn't understand the deal, as Wallace was a polished, disciplined hitter while Gose was all tools but didn't have great performances or advanced mechanics. Wallace, it turns out, had a fatal flaw that was exposed in AAA and now in the majors -- he cannot turn on inside pitches, so he tries to go to the opposite field instead; with minimal defensive value and no apparent way to fix that flaw, he was expendable for the Jays. Gose, meanwhile, is no longer a tools goof but the kind of high-upside prospect Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos has said all along that he wants in the organization. Gose still needs work in some areas, including developing a viable two-strike approach, but the risk the Blue Jays took in acquiring him appears to be paying off in a huge way.


stefminus said...

yea and with the bozos running the team, wallace will never get a chance to improve his hitting of inside pitches unless he does it at AAA. and even then he'll just get called up to sit on the bench while carlos lee wastes everyone's time.

Reuben said...

Word is Wallace refused to take the advice of Astros coaches, even Bagwell, about using his legs more and driving the ball better. Hopefully the stint in AAA was a wake-up call for him.