Saturday, June 4, 2011

That happened about 15 months before I imagined it would

Imagine my surprise, sitting in a Best Western in Macon, Georgia, and seeing that the Astros released Bill Hall. A couple of emotions to report:

1. I'm impressed Ed Wade pulled the trigger as "quickly" as he did. I mean, you could have made a case for this a month ago, but I didn't think it would actually happen until next season, if it happened at all. I don't know if Ed Wade isflexing nuts to show Jim Crane that he can cut waste as well as any CEO, but I like it.

2. But it's not as though Wade had a choice. Keppinger - in a limited amount of time - and Bourgeois had both done a much better job. I'm sure Wade wanted Hall to work out so Keppinger could be expendable, but in the end, we can chalk Hall up as another veteran free-agent signing that just didn't work out.


Warren said...

It was a no brainer for any Astro baseball fan. So you really can,t give Wade much credit but he could have strung it out. I do think you are right about him trying to make a case for himself. That was actually one of my first thoughts. Crane may already have his own man in his mind that he wants as GM but only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

This happened 15 months before you thought it would? Bill Hall only signed a one-year contract for 2011 with a team option for 2012.

Astros County said...

Yes, anonymous, I had assumed that no matter what, the Astros would pick up Bill Hall's option for 2012, and release him in August 2012.