Friday, June 17, 2011

Lyon apparently did not know that he started to become a lefty

In an updated Chronicle story on Brandon Lyon, we see just how extensive his biceps injury is:

The problems, Lyon said, have persisted for about a year and a half. He said he has reached the point where he subconsciously does things left-handed that he normally would have done right-handed to avoid pain.

I can relate. The problems with my English have become so dire that I subconsciously began speaking in French. C'est la vie.


paulinc said...
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Hal said...

Too bad Lyon didn't do the same thing on the mound. He might have been more effective.

It has been done. Greg Harris, Randy Savage(minors in the 70s), Pat Venditte(minors now), Ryan Perez(HS).

If you're going to "try to be a hero"(as Wade said), at least be smart about it. Or just have the surgery you should have had a year ago.