Monday, September 20, 2010

PDC List

So now that everything's all set for 2011 and beyond, let's look at when Eddie's Farm's current PDCs expire:

Oklahoma City (AAA): 2012
Corpus (AA): 2016
Lancaster (A+): 2012
Lexington (A): 2012
Tri-City (A, Short-season): 2012
Greeneville (A, Short-season): N/A (team owned by Astros)

So 2012 is going to be a busy off-season, as the Astros need to re-sign four teams.


Andrew said...

2012 Could be interesting with the Cardinals PDC expiring as well. OKC may have signed a 2 yr agreement just to get them through till the Cards become available and then make a run at them. I think I will hold off on purchasing any RedHawks apparel.

street said...

I'd make that 'need to re-sign 3 teams and find some way to get out of Lancaster and the Cal League and back into the Carolina league'. But yes, I get what you mean.

The Constable. said...

That's a great point about getting into the Carolina League - makes perfect sense with Greeneville, Tri-City, Lexington to get on the east coast.

Incidentally, there are three Carolina League teams with their PDC expiring in 2012: Kinston (Indians), Potomac (Nationals), and Wilmington (Kansas City).

Without knowing anything about these teams other than geography, I can't imagine that Potomac wouldn't re-up with Washington, but the other two may be in play.