Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jordan Lyles is Prospect #18

In his 20 Prospects for 2011, Jason Grey ranked Jordan Lyles as his #18 prospect:

Having already made six starts at Triple-A before his 20th birthday, Lyles is clearly on the fast track and could see time in the Astros' rotation early next year. Solid control and command of a four-pitch mix, with some additional projectability, thrown in make him one to watch.


Brian West said...

Early next year? I would be surprise if Lyles does not start the season at AAA.

Baring injury, Myers, Rodriguez, Happ, Norris and Paulino are locks for the starting rotation next year.

Joe said...

If early in the year, it better not be before June, so we stall his arbitration clock. I wouldnt call him up until late next year, unless he is just tearing AAA a new one. Next year should be about minimizing the little mistakes and taking the next step towards being a solidified starter in the big leagues. I want them to call him up when he is entirely capable of making productive pitches, so we aren't sending him back and forth.

Reuben said...

I'm just relieved they didn't bring him up as a September call-up- there were hints for a while that they might do that. I agree it probably would be best for him to spend a while in AAA, both for development sake and money reasons.