Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guy from Philly doesn't understand how Ed Wade can look us in the eye

We think this guy is a Phillies fan:

How Wade in Houston is able to get away with trading a stud like Roy Oswalt to the Phillies for marginal return — J.A. Happ is at best a third starter in a decent rotation, Anthony Gose is 19-years old, and Jonathan Villar is a shortstop who made a ton of errors at single-A — is beyond my comprehension. It’s one thing to justify to your fan base that you have to dump a salary like Oswalt because you are trying to rebuild your franchise. But keep in mind that Wade also sent $11 million to the Phillies to help them PAY for Oswalt. If I were the Astros GM, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror, much less look my fan base in the eye on the remote implication that I was trying to help my previous employer. (And, oh, by the way, Wade is godfather to one of Amaro’s kids!) If I was doing sports talk radio in Houston, I’d have Ed Wade’s head on a spit. But that’s their problem, not mine.

I can't wait to see your thoughts...


Joe said...

Yeah since no major league middle infielders ever made errors in A ball. LOL this guy is obviously a joke. Roy was such a stud when he lost his first game to the Nationals. 5 ERs. Man we got ripped off.

Obviously this guy has no comprehension of major league service time. We get 4 1/2 years of Happ, 6 1/3 years of Wallace, and maybe even more with Villar. Ed Wade haters are hilarious now a days.

I wonder what the excuse would have been had we acquired Singleton in the deal. Oh hes 18 years old. He will never pan out. If anything, younger players with high ceilers are better than the 25 year old AAAA players they could have offered.

I think this guys philly cheesecake was poisoned and made him more of an idiot than he already is.

Anonymous said...

There was a poll by the Houston Chronicle asking if the Astros got sufficient return for Oswalt. The results were 55% no and 45% yes, which in reality means people are pretty much split. I personally think the Astros were on the short end on the stick, although the flip for Wallace made the deal better. But I believe that Wade got us the best deal he thought he was going to get. I would have preferred better prospects and not worried about MLB ready talent, but that is nothing but opinion, and that is why Wade is paid the big bucks.

To Joe: You seem to put a premium on service time, but it is pretty much worthless if the player does not perform. I believe Brandon Backe still has service time, why are you not concerned about him, or the numerous others that do not amount to anything? Obviously it is because they must have talent, which I am sure you understand. Detractors don't believe that Happ will amount to more than a 4 or 5 starter, Wallace will be just an average 1B, and Villar will not make "the show". Personally, I agree on Happ and Villar, and disagree on Wallace. What I disagree with you on is that Roy is a stud. He may be on slight decline, but he is still one of the best in baseball, and may be for the next four years.

Subber10 said...

The guy obviously doesn't understand prospecting nor the trade market this season. The market was really was severely supressed this season. Nobody got a great return on any trade really. So, given the market conditions, Wade did quite well, especially if Villar reaches his potential!

Joe said...

I have never been completely sold on the deal, but given the undesirable circumstances, I could see how other GMs weren't willing to part with young top prospects. Even a package containing a major league ready pitcher with two blue chip prospects wasn't attainable.

Forever I had the mindset we wouldn't get anything spectacular for Oswalt. Towards the deadline, I started thinking a team might overpay for Roy, but it never came to fruition. How many 3 prospects for 1 veteran players ever really supply three legitimate big leaguers? I can think of only a couple that scream out off the top of my head. The Mark Teixeira trade to Atlanta, Bartolo Colon to Indians, and Randy Johnson to Houston wasn't a bad haul either.

I think team control is very important in trade discussions when involving a major league ready player in a trade package. When service time is a major contributing factor in the salary of your players, I would deem it pretty significant. It's a luxury to have Happ another full year after this season before he hits arbitration, especially when the Billingsleys of the world were presumed to be 'untouchable'.

I'm sure Ed Wade didn't get a sufficient amount of talent for the cornerstones of our franchise, but it depends how much you value certain things. This isn't a shot at the people who voted on this poll, but how many people actually evaluated the trade without a personal bias due to their devotion to the Wizard of Os?
Roy wasn't doing us any favors either, which he is completely entited to.

Joe said...

Roy Oswalt is a stud. I was mainly just taking a jab at that fan or whatever he is. I don't think his heart was in Houston anymore. We couldn't score for him and he knew his chances of competing here for the time being was virtually hopeless. I know and I'm sure others can attest to GMs wanting major league ready talent in return for guys like Roy Oswalt, so you don't have your fans and of course DRAYTON questioning the return you may have hauled. I think JA Happ will be a number 3 if he can stay healthy, but nothing really more than that. You know Drayton wasn't about to fork out 10 million dollars for guys who potentially could never make it to the big leagues.

Anonymous said...

I love the trade. I'm convinced Happ and Wallace will pay huge over the long haul. The energy the team is playing with now is going to change the face of the franchise. Kepp's in charge in the club house now and people love it. Go 'Stros. M.

The Constable. said...

I also think we should remember that the Astros wouldn't have sent that much money if they didn't absolutely have to. Nobody just wants to give away $11m. The fact that the Astros had to send that kind of money underscores the type of market there was - even for one of the best pitchers in the League.

Reverend Rubicon said...

This is what happens when you make a deal that involves a veteran "known" commodity in Oswalt and get three (mostly) "unknown" commodities in return. The reality is that Roy is declining and the market was not great at all. I was very critical of the deal at first, had second thoughts after the Wallace swap, and now understand that Wade probably got the best deal possible. And remember, all of us are just speculating at this point. Let's check back in a couple years when we can accurately examine this least to some extent. What can't be denied is that the team is playing with energy, confidence, and purpose right now, which is a testament to how bad Roy was bringing down the once proud Astro clubhouse. Get ready Astros fans...rebuilding will take a few years minimum. I'm cool with that as long as we (Wade, et al) are careful not to overpay for the Carlos Lee's of the world. I'm excited for this team for the first time this year.