Friday, July 23, 2010

Heck "optimistic" about signing DeShields, not so much about JaCoby Jones

Delino DeShields probably, maybe will sign. The Astros are "optimistic," but that's about it, according to Heck:

"I feel like we're getting closer."


We also see that Heck feels the chances of signing JaCoby Jones are "minimal at this point."

I don't understand either of these situations, but then again, I've never been in a position to negotiate a multi-million dollar signing bonus. It was either college or the mines for me, so off I went to west Texas. A 19th Round pick turning down 1st Round money. A #8 overall pick can only improve seven spots, but has to wait three years to do it. I would imagine DeShields will sign closer to August 16, but Jones turning down this bonus is ludicrous.


David Coleman said...

I was a little concerned about DDJ too, until I realized that no one in the top 10 has really signed. If the "word" is correct, they're all waiting till closer to August to sign. I bet DDJ gets his deal sometime after the trade deadline passes.

ProBeez4 said...

I am from Mississippi and have followed Jacoby Jones pretty closely. I am also shocked that he might not take this money. LSU baseball is a big pull in this part of the country though. Regardless, reports from a lot of the all star games and the state playoffs were that Jones was outshined by a few other Mississippi players. It may be a blessing in disguise if he heads to LSU.