Thursday, July 22, 2010

Further evidence Koby Clemens is moving on up

Here's a long article on Koby Clemens from Sports Illustrated. A lot of it is information of which we were already aware, but Ricky Bennett says:

"If he continues to work, he's going to play in the big leagues. And he's got a chance to be a real good major league player."

"It's just that sometimes I have been caught up in stuff like that, worrying about what can happen or expecting things to happen and then they don't and it put me in a tailspin. Last season was a perfect example of how I just worried about things I could control and took advantage of my opportunities. That's the same approach I'm taking now. Whatever happens up there, happens. When it's time for me to get called up and moved into the big leagues, it'll be the right time for me."

So the article says he could go into the Spring in pencil as 1B1. Depending on what the Astros get for Roy, that could change, but it's still an interesting time for Koby.


Anonymous said...

Bogusevic should get first shot. Having a solid year at triple A. Playing a lot of first base.

OremLK said...

I love Bogey, but he doesn't have the bat for first base. Not enough power. If he has enough range, he'd be a good everyday center fielder, but otherwise I don't know that he has a shot at being more than a bench player.

Patrick said...

Bogey's power is starting to come around this year. He might just yet find his way into a corner OF spot at the ML level. This is only his second full season as a hitter

John Bateman said...

Clemens has power and can drive in runs but strikes out too much. This is just against AA pitchers. Age is in his favor. Still worth keeping an eye on. Need to see what he can do at AAA before jumping him up to majors.