Thursday, July 1, 2010

1B Koby Clemens is an interesting development

There's a Nocturnal Emissions-worthy story from Richard Justice this morning on the Ballad of Roger & Koby, but there are some glowing quotes out of The Apparatus that would indicate the Astros getting comfortable with the idea of Koby advancing as 1B, maybe after Lance?

Now about Koby. It would be impossible to underestimate how much the Astros love this kid. They aren't convinced he'll have a long big league career, but they know it'd be a mistake to underestimate him.

Corpus manager Wes Clements:
"Koby just loves the game. No matter what facet of the game you're talking about, you only have to tell him once. He has worked his butt off."

What about his 1B ability?
"He's done great. Better than anyone thought he would. He's starting to learn the intricacies of the position."

Ricky Bennett:
"He's so solid,. He's one of the most mature players in our system."

Clemens will be 24 in December, and since 2009 is hitting .310 with 102 extra-base hits (38 homers) in 700 ABs.

For whatever reason, the Astros signed Tommy Everidge (who is fine, I suppose. I did see him hit a very long homerun Tuesday night against the Sounds.) But right now he's the only 1B between Clemens and Berkman (not counting Blum or Feliz). Could Clemens make that jump from Double-A? Presuming the Astros don't pick up Berkman's option - I'd rather see the Astros give Clemens a shot than running Blum out there in 2011.

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