Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Final Stats - 2009 June Draft

So let's do a recap of the 2009 draft class with the final stats (this is a lead-in to a series on the Minor Leaguers). In bold are the draft class leaders at each statistical category.

We'll start with the pitchers, organized by round (the record isn't very important, but I still threw it in there):

T. Bushue (2)GCL1-022.12.42/1.0319:5
BJ Hyatt (4)GRV1-219.18.84/2.1715:12
D. Keuchel (7)TRI2-356.22.70/1.0844:9
B. Walker (8)TRI1-7507.92/1.9039:36
D. Berner (14)TRI0-1610.50/2.674:5
J. Harper (17)TRI0-169.00/2.173:8
JB MacDonald (18)TRI8sv322.53/1.3429:10
M. Jones (22)GCL1-221.24.57/1.8513:13
R. Donovan (23)TRI2-533.23.74/1.5228:21
M. Modica (24)TRI0-3312.61/1.4219:13
T. Smink (31)GRV1-129.16.14/1.6414:7
B. Stines (33)TRI3-038.14.93/1.5923:17
S. Migl (34)GRV/TRI0-028.16.35/1.8024:21
R. Rivera (37)GCL0-2156.60/1.339:3
D. Sarisky (40)GRV/TRI2-135.13.82/1.4441:13
M. Schurz (44)GCL/TRI3-029.21.52/1.0837:13
S. Hylander (50)GCL4-3393.23/1.1526:9

Now for the position players:

J. Mier (1)SSGRV.276/.380/.48420-3245:3010/5
T. Nash (3)OFGCL.218/.280/.32412-2045:121/2
J. Meyer (3c)3BGRV.190/.301/.29915-2769:361/0
B. Wikoff (5)SSTRI/LEX.280/.327/.3339-1930:205/7
E. Hernandez (6)2B/SSGCL.295/.336/.39616-2728:108/2
B. Orloff (19)2BGRV/TRI.165/.250/.1963-1311:86/0
E. Castro (10)3B/1BTRI.266/.351/.45321-3638:260/1
D. Williams (11)CGRV.202/.239/.3419-1642:40/0
J. Goebbert (13)LFTRI.238/.332/.33315-1839:222/3
R. Humphrey (15)OFGRV.219/.301/.2817-648:144/2
R. Sanchez (16)1BGCL.210/.327/.2465-1633:183/1
B. Kemp (19)CFTRI.259/.367/.3007-1131:2516/3
JD Martinez (20)OF/DHGRV/TRI.348/.399/.59839-5644:201/0
B. Butera (21)2B/SSTRI.267/.351/.32211-1152:2316/3
N. Stanley (25)1BTRI.230/.308/.35414-2145:232/2
A. Bray (27)1BGRV.278/.388/.3236-2035:282/3
G. Wright (29)OFGCL.185/.290/.2223-735:154/1
G. Hogue (35)CFGRV.284/.365/.39213-1432:1617/5
S. Barksdale (38)OFTRI.175/.234/.3018-834:816/3

This leads us to the Astros County Draftees of the Year. Based on the above, we can say that - for this season only...

Offensive Draftee of the Year: J.D. Martinez
Draftee Pitcher of the Year: Dallas Keuchel



Kelsey said...

I don't think that Brandon Wikoff's Slugging% was .660.

The Constable. said...

You're correct. I managed to put the OPS as his SLG. It has been fixed.