Thursday, July 30, 2009

More notes on our sick and afflicted

A note on Roy:
Depending on Roy's reaction to an injection he received for an irritated disk in his back, Roy could start on Sunday. Or he could not.

“Yeah, we won't know it until really probMaysonteably about Friday or so. I would think after that let kind of the soreness subside a little bit . ... And we can even wait as long as probably Saturday before we make a decision.”
On Wright:
No appendicitis, but instead dehydration.

“It's big for us. It means that he probably won't be laid up but probably a day or two. If it was the (appendicitis), we're talking about a long period of time. Wesley's got a great arm and he's pitched really good for us. We need him, so I thank God that he's going to be OK.”

I think a more appropriate quote would have been: "Wesley had a great arm, and pitched really good for us. We'll see if I completely ruined that by making him throw 50+ pitches."
And on Brocail nutting his first outing back in 10 weeks:
“I felt good. My leg is fine. It's nice, absolutely. I just want to be able when I come back help the team and not hurt us. No excuses. I didn't pitch good. Anytime you give up five rocket line drives, there's no excuse.”

I was really hoping for a "hump up" dropped in there.
With LaHawk out for a while, the bullpen is getting reshuffled. You'll see Sampson in long-relief roles (of which there have been plenty of opportunities. I'm looking at you, Starting Rotation), with Arias and Brocail (funny story: I was listening to the game yesterday and Brett Dolan said, "It's nice to have Broc back." Say that aloud, and if you don't laugh, there's something wrong with you.) mixing in for 7th and 8th inning roles, depending on matchups.
Chad Paronto cleared waivers and has accepted his assignment to Round Rock
And finally you won't be seeing Reed Johnson in the Cubs lineup anytime soon, as he fouled a pitch off his foot in yesterday's game. It was reportedly the only ball that wasn't smoked to the wall in the 1st inning.

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jphelps said...

No way! Paronto cleared waivers? I can't believe he wasn't snapped up. By a football team perhaps.