Thursday, July 30, 2009

JJO slams his fist on the table and makes his demands

Blog post by JJO, who knows more than we do advises Ed Wade to trade for an SP2 or SP3, or blow it all up and start over:

But, with that said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Astros landed somebody. Drayton McLane has a history of opening up the checkbook when he thinks the club can contend. I think by 2011, Wade will have the Astros' farm system fixed and perhaps be a serious contender. I wouldn't bet against the 2009 Astros, but if I were GM and I couldn't land a No. 3 or top of the rotation starter by the non-waiver trading deadline, I would trade Miguel Tejada, Jose Valverde and Ivan Rodriguez and start to rebuild. And if I didn't trade those three, I would re-sign Tejada to play third base and re-sign Valverde for three years at $33 million.

Of course, JJO has some first-hand knowledge to share:

I've spoken with Tejada and Valverde about this issue. They both would like to stay in Houston, and I'm sure Tejada would move to third base to do it. Valverde isn't going to be cheap, though. He's going to command anywhere from $10 million up per year. Numerous scouts have told me the Astros could have a field day fielding offers at the deadline for their relievers, starting with Valverde, of course.

But the Astros cannot continue to kill their bullpen like they have in the last seven games.

I'll agree with JJO on the last sentence, but I also think that if the Astros can get something for Valverde and Pudge, they should go ahead and do it.

That said, by the time Tejada's contract is up they can resign him at a significantly lower price, and probably get Valverde for the same price as Tejada alone. But I don't have firsthand knowledge of this, and we all know who does.


jphelps said...

Sounds to me like JJO wants to get rid of all the brown people. What a self loathing racist.

Seth said...

LMAO. Your comments on JJO never get old.