Friday, May 1, 2009

A Note on the Weekend Series with the Braves

Fair Citizens,

I am going away with La Constabless this weekend, and as you may have inferred, we are heading to Atlanta. This is where the players play. But since this is a mini-vacation, updates to Astros County will be handled by Deputy Jason. There may or may not be a Live Blog this weekend, that's up to Deputy Jason and his schedule.

I'll be at the Astros-Braves game on Saturday. If you have Twitter, follow @AstrosCounty for updates during the game. I'll be back sometime Sunday, and we'll pick up from there.

For now, I bring you...Deputy Jason!


Bryan said...

I, too, will be at the Sat. game in Atl; driving down from SC. Go 'Stros!!

The Constable. said...


Send an email to

Let's hold a town meeting.


Anonymous said...

sorry I missed your reply. Maybe next time.

Bryan said...

don't know why that showed as anonymous, I entered my name. Anyway, go 'Stros!!