Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lance Berkman owes Jack Wilkinson an adult beverage

Atlanta Braves official scorer Jack Wilkinson just raised Berkman's batting average 12 points. By changing Berkman's 7th inning at-bat from an error on Chipper Jones to an infield single, Berkman went 2-for-5 and raised his average from .172 to .184. Good series all around.

But seriously. Can I point out something?

Berkman's batting average by month:

April 0830x998-2513:14.303/.383/.657
May 0849x1049-2218:18.471/.553/.856
June 0829x915-2119:10.319/.394/.582
July 0821x790-816:21.266/.431/.329
Aug 0831x1085-1824:13.301/.390/.573
Sept 0813x762-1217:21.171/.343/.289
April 0912x745-1022:17.162/.326/.392

Pre All-Star Break 08: 22HR, 73 RBI, 61K:56BB, .347/.443/.653
Post All-Star Break 08: 7HR, 33 RBI, 47K:43BB, .259/.384/.436

1 comment:

CM said...

Has Berkman changed something mechanically? Or is he already hitting a wall in his career.......

I know Coop doesn't want to, but I think he should drop him to 5th or 6th in the order just to take some pressure off him (or move him up to 2nd), and let him work stuff out that way.

Remember how incredible he was last May?

One thing i've noticed, pitchers are almost always pitching Lance AWAY when he hits lefty and INSIDE when he hits righty.......and it's obviously working as his avg is still below .200

Maybe they have the Puma figured out?