Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you're a betting man (cough, cough Pete)

Hilton bookmakers are putting the over-under on Astros' wins at 74.

Here's how Hilton sees the NL Central shaking out (O/U in parentheses)
Chicago 91.5
St. Louis 82.5
Milwaukee 81
Cincinati 79.5
Houston 74
Pittsburgh 69

What do you think?


Aaron said...

I'm always optimistic in Spring. I'm going to say over. I think around 87 or so.

The Constable. said...

And who shouldn't be optimistic in Spring?

The Unofficial Official said...

(I hate to say this)--> Cub's will win the Div. with 95 games, Brewers will come in second with 88, The Astros will be two games behind the Brew Crew at 86, The cardinals will be 1.5 under the Stros' and The Red's will be 2 games under The Card's(these two teams could really flip-flop. Card's have no bullpen and Red's are young and will win some games but become ineffective down the road) Oh, and Pirates will bottom out the div.

Old Man Winter said...

theThe Stros will win 64 games in 2009, Constable. I'm starting to feel like a Pirates fan. By the way, it's still winter here. Nothing has changed since your relocation.